Surface Treatment

Barrel polishing

eqs03Our wide variety of tumbling media for from rough tumbling to finishing polishing enables surface grinding and removal of burr according to your needs. Also our testing machine makes it possible to set the condition of short time and small amount.

Heat treatment

Annealing Treatment

Continuous heat-treating furnaceUniform annealing and internal stress removal are available by continuous anneal furnace. Bright anneal is available in hydrogenous atmosphere.(hydrogen purity 99.999% Upper temperature limit 1100℃) Also with our batch furnace, heat treatment which needs the temperature to be kept the same for long hours is also available.




Vacuum treatment

eqs05With heat treatment under high vacuum, gasification and removal of impurities intervening in metallic crystal grain boundary can be done. (vacuum 1 x 10-6A Upper temperature limit 900℃)

Chemical polishing

eqs02Chemicals of exclusive use enables evenly polishing the whole surface of complex shaped products that cannot be physically polished. It makes flat faces smoothed and grazed that are not given by simple etching. This chemical polishing is available for various materials as well as stainless alloy. (Please contact us about the materials.)

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eqs01We’ve early adopted a hydrocarbon washing machine to be replaced with chrome based solvent among our business field and have accumulated a great variety of know-how ranging from precise electric parts to automobile parts.

Electric Nickel Plating

eqs06Our plant in Indonesia has the dedicated line and can supply the parts with plated.