Open Innovation ~Introduction of our developed technology examples~

Development Concept

NISSIN makes customer’s dream come true by developing totally new technology
integrated cold forging technology such as impact molding technology,
TEC06header technology and etc.,
in addition to NISSIN’s core competencies, deep drawing technology and board forging technology, and pursuing resource saving,
high quality and high productivity.

Impact Extrusion

Sensor Housing Impact extrusion using aluminum formability

Flange Forming

Forming Flange in middle of cylindrical part, in diameter direction not using hydroforming but press tooling only.
Production method converted from machining process.)
(material:SUS,SPCE, board thickness:0.5~1.2)

Small diameter drawing using thick material

For the normal ratio of “material thickness / drawing diameter”
is 5-6%, more than 25% in this developed technology.
Used for parts of high inside pressure.
Production method converted from machining process.
(Material: SUS,SPCE,SK)

Header Former

tec04 tec04
Developed header process parts by cold forging technology using wire material. Composite parts of board material press processed parts and wire material header processed parts.