CSR activity

January.24.2022 CSR activity

Staffs in Singapore clean up seaside park.

Staffs in Singapore clean up seaside park. Day: January 7th, 2022 Place: Pasir Ris Park Activity: Pick up garbage at sandy beach in park The park below is an important place for the local people including NISSIN Singapore staff and well-organized so that they gather for such as camping and jogging. NISSIN plant in Loyan, Singapore carries out 5S Activities, (Seiri (keep neat), Seiton(Keep tidy), Seiso(cleanup), Seiketsu(keep clean), and Sitsuke(manner) )as Japanese plants do. All the staffs agreed to extend this 5S area and time and clean up neighbor parks as one of our CSR activities. This year marks the fourth time since the staff started cleanup willing to cooperate to maintain…

November.29.2021 CSR activity

Batam plant gave presentation as representative of Indonesia in UNIDO.

NISSIN’s Batam plant gave a presentation as a representative of Indonesia at WEB event sponsored by UNIDO(United Nations lndustrial Development Organization)head office.   UNIDO is one of UN’s 15 specialized agencies and develops activity mainly for “Goals of Industry and Technology Development” of SDGs(17goals of Sustainable Development Goals). From November 16th to 18th, “Eco-industrial Program Peer-Learning Event” was taken place at UNIDO head office in Austria. The seven countries (Indonesia, Vietnam, Columbia, Peru, Egypt, South Africa, and Ukraine) promoting the program and 70 persons participated in the event. General Manager of our Batam plant, Mr. Dahnel gave a presentation on its actions, such as energy reduction, etc., at the event. In…

November.28.2021 CSR activity

NISSIN delivered class at neighbor elementary school

NISSIN members visited Seta Kita elementary school to “deliver class”. Every year, NISSIN offers a factory tour for about 20 5th grade students of Seta Kita elementary school as a part of their social study class, however, due to the covid-19 pandemic, we “delivered a class” to the school upon the teachers request this year. At the “delivered class”, NISSIN members introduced our “stamping process” with videos of moving machine and image inspection device to 44 5th grade students and they confirmed the feel and the size of some sample parts. The students were surprised that our parts produced by stamping process of the video are using for cars and…

November.5.2021 CSR activity

NISSIN KOGYO BATAM selected as Indonesian representative. (UNITED NATIONS UNIDO Eco-Industrial Program)

NISSIN KOGYO BATAM selected as Indonesian representative. (UNITED NATIONS UNIDO Eco-Industrial Program) On October 28th, our Indonesian plant, NISSIN KOGYO BATAM had 11 visitors from UNIDO (United Nations Industrial Development Organization), Indonesian Ministry of Industry and Ministry of Environment. This visit were led by top-level reputation given to our plant in Global Eco Industrial Park Program among Indonesia. “Global Eco Industrial Park Program” is the program promoted all over the world countries for SDGs achievement. In Indonesia, 2 Industrial Parks, Batamindo Industrial Park where our plant located and East-Jakarta MM2100 Industrial Park were selected. Since this August, survey for environmental actions were conducted at the both of the Industrial Parks….

November.4.2021 CSR activity

Attended the 41th Shiga prefectural Schoolchildren Invention & Idea Exhibition.

From October 30th (Sat) to 31st (Sun), the 41th Shiga prefectural Schoolchildren Invention & Idea Exhibition and the 27th Shiga prefectural Painting Exhibition of Future Science Dream were held and 30th (Sat) was the award ceremony. Our NISSIN president, Mr. Shimizu served as a presenter at the ceremony. This became the second exhibition under the COVID 19 pandemic, however, thankfully we had 30 award winners in the both exhibitions. Shiga prefectural invention association sponsors this exhibition and NISSIN President serves as Chairman, promotes industrial patent and intellectual property, and support schoolchildren in Shiga for them to be engineers in future. General incorporated association, Shiga Institute of Invention and Innovation http://www.jiii-shiga.jp/ ■On…