Staffs in Singapore clean up seaside park.


Staffs in Singapore clean up seaside park.

Day: January 7th, 2022
Place: Pasir Ris Park
Activity: Pick up garbage at sandy beach in park

The park below is an important place for the local people including NISSIN Singapore staff and well-organized so that they gather for such as camping and jogging.

NISSIN plant in Loyan, Singapore carries out 5S Activities, (Seiri (keep neat), Seiton(Keep tidy), Seiso(cleanup), Seiketsu(keep clean), and Sitsuke(manner) )as Japanese plants do.
All the staffs agreed to extend this 5S area and time and clean up neighbor parks as one of our CSR activities.

This year marks the fourth time since the staff started cleanup willing to cooperate to maintain the park environment even just a little bit. They are willing to continue such activities as ever.