Environment Policy / Quality Policy

Environment policy ~Making products eco friendly.~

NISSIN recognizes that the preservation of the Global Environment is one of the most important issues of the human being. Being conscious of the proximity to Biwa lake and Kinu river, NISSIN aims at harmonizing our business, products and service with the environment.
NISSIN runs a business in precision stamping process, surface treatment process, welding, assembly and also design, production, sales company of mold and equipment. Activities  implemented to reduce the environmental impact through our business, products and service are as follows:

  • ・Promote the continual improvement of Environmental management system by setting the environmental purpose, target followed the demands of standards, and then reconsidering regularly to realize them.
  • ・Obey the law, regulation and agreement on environment and other demands NISSIN received. In addition, promote prevention of environmental pollution.
  • ・Reduce the influence on environment by promoting a saving resources and energy and the loss in weight and recycling of wastes. In addition, reduce the CO2 discharge for the global warming prevention.
  • ・Prevention and training to prevent chemicals and stock that have influence on environment not to outflow.

Quality Policy
~Customers are assured of satisfaction and reliability.~

Nissin improve the effectiveness of quality management system continuously , and pursue the improvement of customer satisfaction by manufacturing “HIGH QUALITY PRODUCTS” with “LOW-COST”, and then supplying them by a short delivery date.

President, CEO and Representative Director
Takashi Shimizu